Veg*n at the 2017 Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market

Veg*n at the Market

While you’re picking up fresh, local produce at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market, check out the prepared food vendors for a treat! Below we list the vendors that we know are vegetarian and vegan friendly. If you find other options let us know!

To learn more about the Farmers’ Market go here!

v = Vegetarian Options (v) = Vegan options

Saturday Market Vendors

  • Aahaa Chai v & (v) – Handmade chai blends. Dairy alternatives available
  • Brown County Coffee v & (v) – Beans, prepared coffee, espresso drinks, hot cocoa. Dairy alternatives available
  • Feast Bakery Cafe v & (v) – Tamales, breakfast items, smoothies (usually at least one vegan tamale available)
  • Kind Kombucha v & (v) – Just what it sounds like!
  • Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery v & (v) – Most of the artisanal breads are vegan, as is the muesli. There are several vegetarian options such as croissants, yogurt granola parfaits, and pizza with fresh seasonal veggies. (note: the pretzels are not vegetarian)
  • Sazón v & (v) – Tacos made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. There is always a vegetarian option, and that option can almost always be made vegan.
  • Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse v & (v) – Breads, muffins, scones, and pastries (many breads are vegan, plus vegan carrot muffins)
  • Sweet Claire v & (v) – European style breads and rolls. There is a vegan roll with hummus, artichoke, bell peppers, spinach, dried tomatoes. Vegetarian rolls include a soy chorizo kolache, florentine roll, and soy chorizo focaccia.
  • Uel Zing Coffee v & (v) – Cold brew, pour over, there’s nondairy creamer if you need it
  • Love More Snacks v – Artisan pop tarts
  • Kettle of Corn v– We’re not sure if the popcorn is vegan friendly
  • Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls v – Just what it sounds like!
  • Piccoli Dolci v – Authentic Italian and European pastries and baked goods
  • Pie First Bakery v – Little pies
  • Primaly Inspired Eats v – Paleo inspired baked goods


Veg*n at the 2016 Farmers’ Market

Veg*n at the Market

While you’re picking up fresh, local produce at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market, check out the prepared food vendors for a treat! Below we list the vendors that we know are vegetarian and vegan friendly. If you find other options let us know!

To learn more about the Farmers’ Market go here!

v = Vegetarian Options (v) = Vegan options

Saturday Market Vendors

Brown County Coffee v & (v)  – beans, prepared coffee, espresso drinks, hot cocoa (dairy alternatives available)
Feast Bakery Cafe v & (v) – tamales, breakfast items, smoothies (usually at least one vegan tamale available)
Kettle of Corn v – not sure if the popcorn is vegan friendly!
Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery v & (v) – artisanal breads (note: the pretzels contain pork lard)
Musgrave Orchards v & (v)  – apple cider etc.
Piccoli Dolci v – authentic Italian and European pastries and baked goods
Sazón v & (v)  – tacos, tamales, horchata
Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse v & (v) – breads, muffins, scones, and pastries (many breads are vegan, plus vegan carrot muffins)
Sofra Cafe v & (v) – Various vegetarian and vegan options (like red lentil patties! Check their dining guide listing and ask at the booth)
Sweet Claire  v & (v) – European style breads and rolls (Tons of vegetarian options including soyrizo rolls, one vegan savory roll)
Uel Zing Coffee v & (v)  – Cold brew, pour over, there’s nondairy creamer if you need it
Zeitgeist Organic Creamery v & (v)  – nondairy ice cream and sorbet

Bloomington Vegan Dessert Roundup

Being vegan won’t limit your sweet tooth – at least not in Bloomington! We’ve put together this list of vegan sweet treats just for you. Did we miss some? Leave a comment!


Made to order cookies! You pick a base (one or more vegan bases available) and your mix-ins (labeled on the in-store menu).
View on the Dining Guide


All Bloomingfoods locations have a baked goods case and the vegan options say so on the labels. And of course you can find my vegan dessert brands on the grocery store shelves.
View on the Dining Guide

Sugary eyes are vegan!

The Chocolate Moose

Homemade ice cream that’s been in Bloomington since 1933. There’s a rotating selection of vegan coconut milk based ice creams, plus toppings and mix-ins.
View on the Dining Guide

Falafels / Mami’s Gelato

The restaurant, Falafels, has a few vegan desserts on the menu. They’re also host to Mami’s Gelato which as a variety of vegan flavors!
View on the Dining Guide


Another Bloomington classic with vegan flavors!
View on the Dining Guide

IMG_3340Hopscotch Coffee

At Hopscotch you can find desserts from Rainbow Bakery (including a couple items exclusive to Hopscotch) plus some of the drinks are as delicious as dessert with tasty homemade syrups.
View on the Dining Guide

Laughing Planet Cafe / Soma Coffee

At both Laughing Planet Cafe and Soma Coffee you can find tasty vegan baked goods like pumpkin cookies and peanut butter bars.
View Laughing Planet on the Dining GuideView Soma Coffee on the Dining Guide

The Owlery

There’s an all-vegan dessert case by the cash register – look before you are seated so you can remember to save room for dessert!
View on the Dining Guide

Picture via Spoon IU

Rainbow Bakery

Bloomington’s first and only entirely vegan bakery. Don’t worry about asking about individual items, *everything* is vegan! They also have a gluten free selection if that’s your jam.
View on the Dining Guide

Underground Cupcakes

This cupcake shop has a few vegan flavors!
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Food Truck Friday at the Chocolate Moose!

Hooray for year three of Food Truck Fridays! As in past years, we’ve put together a list of the vegan and vegetarian offerings available. As the list of vendors is finalized you can check back here for updates.

Food Truck Friday at the Chocolate Moose is conveniently located downtown and has a variety of food trucks and other food vendors, live music, and of course ice cream from The Chocolate Moose (they’ve got vegan flavors!).

Here’s a list of confirmed vendors at this point in time. Not every vender is present each week so please check the Chocolate Moose Facebook page if you want to see who is there! Take a picture of your food and use #btownveg and #btownFTF

  • Rush Hour Station :: a long-time BloomingVeg favorite! Check out the dining guide for their restaurant vegan options. The offerings on the truck are usually banh mi and veggie sushi! They’re great with veg requests so just let them know you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal.
  • Rasta Pops :: Their cart selection is changing all the time with tasty flavors, but many are vegan-friendly! Check them out on the dining guide.
  • Sofra Cafe :: A veg-friendly Turkish restaurant located across the street from the Chocolate Moose. While their Food Truck Friday selection is scaled down from their restaurant selection, you’ll usually find lentil patties or other vegetarian and vegan items. Check them out on the dining guide.
  • LaPoblana :: If you’ve been to Cardinal Spirits, you’ve probably see the LaPoblana truck in the parking lot. The veggie tacos and burritos are delicious! They’ve told us they use oil as opposed to butter when sautéing veggies etc., but we’ll be sure to get a more detailed list of options by April.
  • Nowhere Mandrews :: We’ll be checking in with this business to see if they have any vegetarian or vegan offerings
  • The Gravy Train :: This is a meat heavy food cart, however sometimes items can be modified to be vegetarian friendly! We’ll work on getting a more concrete list before the season starts.
  • The Gyro Truck :: There are quesadillas for the vegetarians!
  • All Thai’d Up :: We’re not sure about this one yet! Check back in late March for updates!

And please don’t forget dessert! The Chocolate Moose has delicious coconut milk based vegan ice cream – see the flavors and toppings on the dining guide.

Food Truck Friday

Fridays at the Chocolate Moose

Bloomington, Indiana

Food Truck Friday

Vegan Pizza

Vegan. Pizza.

That’s right, vegans don’t miss out on this essential. Here’s where you can get vegan za around town, plus a couple recipes to make pizza at home!

Aver’s Pizza

Aver’s Pizza

At Aver’s the crust and several sauces are vegan. Take off the cheese and add all the veggies you want and you’ve got yourself a vegan pie! Try the Cuban Black Bean with no cheese, or do a Build Your Own. For the full list of vegan sauce options see our dining guide. They have three locations, and if one pizza just isn’t enough you can get vegan za, sticks, and salad from the buffet at the east side location.

Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth

The gluten-free crust is certified vegan, that plus the “tomato sauce” and veggies makes for a delightful vegan pizza experience. They’ve got a few non-pizza vegan dishes too, in case you’re not a pizza person (hey, it’s your life). Check out the full list here on the dining guide, they have two locations!

Get Some Pizza

Get Some Pizza

A pizza joint with a service concept similar to Chipotle or Subway: You go through the line, pick your sauce, cheese, toppings and and then it goes in the oven and is back out in 3 minutes. The crust is vegan, the nondairy cheese is vegan, and the red sauce is vegan. Unlimited veggie toppings! Check out the menu on the dining guide.

King Dough

King Dough Pizza, the “Vegan Pile”

The newest addition to Bloomington’s pizza scene, and it’s not to be missed. The most artfully crafted pizza you’ll find around town. The “Marinara” and “Vegan Pile” on the menu are vegan by default, but don’t be afraid to play around with different toppings! Including the new cashew-based homemade vegan cheese. See more on the dining guide.

Pizza X

If you live on or near IU’s campus, you are probably quite familiar with this one. If you’ve gone vegan since college don’t worry, you can still enjoy this student essential. The dough and several sauces are vegan, add veggies and you’re set! Check ’em out on the dining guide, they’ve got four locations in Bloomington.

Rockit’s Pizza

Rockits Famous Pizza

The only pizza joint in Bloomington to offer vegan cheese! You can get any pie with marinara, daiya (or no cheese at all) plus veggies. Ask about the vegan pepperoni and consider yourself lucky if it’s available when you’re there! Especially delicious late at night, and don’t pass up the stix! Check it out on the dining guide.

Lucky’s Market

Yep Lucky’s has pizza and you can ask for vegan za! They’ll pull vegan sauce and vegan cheese from the shelves and make it for ya!


We highly recommend the local faves listed above, but if you find yourself looking for chain pizza there’s plenty. The dough and sauce at Little Caesar’s is good to go, same with Papa John’s. For a full list of chain pizza vegan offerings check out this guide from Peta.


Making pizza at home is fun! Here are a handful of recipes we like:

  • Vegan Pizza Crust (Gluten-Full)
  • Vegan Pizza Crust (Gluten-Free)
  • Simple Vegan Pizza from Minimalist Baker
  • For cheese we recommend Follow Your Heart, Chao, or Daiya. Or, go no cheese at all and just be sure you’ve got some other source of fat on the pizza: olive oil, avocados, etc. You can also make your own with recipes from The Gentle Chef or other cookbooks.
  • Don’t wanna make crust? There are some vegan store-bought crusts plus you can use bagels, english muffins, tortillas, etc!

Did we miss one? Leave a comment or email bloomingveg [at]!

BloomingVeg Sponsors Benny The Goat at Uplands PEAK!


Thanks to everyone who attended our Trick-or-PEAK Halloween Benefit Concert for Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, BloomingVeg raised enough money to become PEAK Pal!

We asked Mark & Michelle which PEAK resident would be most likely to live in Bloomington if they could, and they chose Benny based on his laid back personality and love of food!

Benny’s Story

Benny came to PEAK after spending at least a week alone and terrified in a forest when he was between 5 and 8 months old. He was anemic, malnourished, and loaded with internal parasites. The ear tag punched through his ear tells us that he was seen as a commodity, raised to be someone’s meal. Benny was skittish at first, but he soon realized that he was safe and loved at PEAK. Benny, now a healthy and growing young goat, enjoys eating 24/7 and spending time with his best goat buddy, Twiggy. Learn more about Benny and other Uplands PEAK residents here.

photo by: Joseph Grove (Flickr:josgrove523)

photo by: Joseph Grove (Flickr:josgrove523)

6 Vegan Meals in Bloomington for $6 or less

Where in Bloomington can you get a filling vegan meal for $6 or less?

Here are a few, if you know of others leave a comment!

1) Bowl of Chili at Laughing Planet

A bowl of hearty veggie chili at the Laughing Planet Cafe with a side of corn bread is totally vegan and comes in at $4.25. You can add some vegan sour cream and still keep it cheap! BloomingVeg member Kirstin likes to get the mushroom soup and chili mixed together into a creamy swirl of goodness.

2) Savory Pastie at Rainbow Bakery

Everyone loves the sweets at Rainbow Bakery, but what about a savory meal? The pasties (Pass – Tee) are a huge savory filled dough pocket that make for a comforting meal. They’re $6 and worth every penny!


Photo by Jessika

3) Half-Falafel sandwich at Falafels

For $4.50 you can get a half-sized falafel sandwich at Falafels Middle Eastern Grill. Going on a Monday? Get a free side of fries!

4)  Rush Hour Station

The lemongrass tofu bahn mi at Rush Hour Station makes us swoon, and depending on your payment method it’ll cost you around $5.50. Bonus: on Thursdays you can get tofu fried rice for $6!

Photo by Krisan

Photo by Krisan

5) Reubentino at Bloomingfoods

All three Bloomingfoods locations (East, Near West Side, & Elm Heights) have a tofu reuben at the deli counter which comes with a side for $5.99. Ask for daiya cheese to make it vegan!

6) Biscuits and Gravy at The Owlery

Every Sunday The Owlery has an awesome brunch, but what you might not know is that from 10am-11am you can get a full order of biscuits and gravy for $5. Be sure to bring your appetite!

What’s your favorite?

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